What You Can See In Washington DC When You Visit

It is common for kids in schools all across the nation, at some point, to take a field trip to Washington DC. Whether they are in California, Texas, or if they are right next door in the state of New York, it’s one of the most important places that people can visit. It is representative of the origins of American culture, and there are a multitude of sites and landmarks that both adults and children can enjoy. If you want to go there, here is a brief overview of some of the top destinations that you should consider visiting if you are lucky enough to go to DC.

The Lincoln Memorial

This national monument is one of the top attractions when people do go to DC. It honors the 16th president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, and it represents them in a very unique way. He is sitting in a chair, a statue that is almost 100 feet high. Although it has been around for nearly 100 years, it is well-kept, and will definitely impress you by its sheer size and overall meaning.

The White House

This is a structure that is where the president of the United States lives. Many of the most important decisions that are made for America are actually made in this house, one that has existed for hundreds of years. Located on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., it is hard to miss with its beautiful landscaping and architecture. If you want to really see a true piece of American history, the White House is a place you should go.

State Capitol Building

Finally, you can head over to the state capitol building which is not that far away. It is very close to the Washington Mall. You can do a little shopping, and then head over to look at this magnificent structure which is not that far away from the White House at all. You can take tours there as well, and learn a little bit about how this structure came to be.

Whether you decide to go to the Lincoln Memorial, or the White House, you can take tours of both. They are absolutely amazing structures. They are representative of American history, but you may also want to consider going to other places such as the National Gallery of Art, the Washington Monument which stands 555 feet high, or head over to the Jefferson Memorial. These are places that will give you a sense of how we have come to this point in history, and will give you a definite vision of that place from which we have come.